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Toy Chest - Medium

Medium-Size Toy Chest by Toy Chest UAE: The Ideal Balance of Capacity and Compactness, With a Personal Touch!


Dimensions, Length 80cm x height 50cm x width 50cm


When you need a storage solution that offers the best of both worlds—ample space without taking up too much room—look no further than our medium-size Toy Chest. Designed to be as unique as your child, now offering personalisation options.


Key Features:

  • Balanced Storage: This mid-size option provides a generous yet manageable storage space, making it excellent for a variety of toys—plushies, toy instruments, and miniature playsets all find a home here.

  • Child-Centric Safety: Ensuring child safety, our toy chest comes with a soft-close lid and rounded corners to protect delicate hands from any harm.

  • Colour Choices Aplenty: Brighten up your child’s room or maintain a minimalist vibe by selecting from our diverse palette of colours.

  • Signature Customisation: Make this toy chest uniquely yours by adding a name or special phrase to the front. A personalized touch that will delight any child!

  • Beyond Toys: Perfectly versatile, you can also use it to store arts and crafts supplies, seasonal clothes, or even sports equipment.

  • Quality Meets Ease: Built with high-grade materials that are a cinch to clean, this toy chest keeps looking brand new with minimal effort.


Why Opt for Our Medium-Size Toy Chest?

  • A balanced storage solution for a variety of needs
  • Offers customisation to make it uniquely your child’s
  • Built with safety features for complete peace of mind
  • Adds aesthetic value to your child’s room
  • Serves as an excellent gift for celebrations and milestones


Transform your child’s play area into an organised oasis with our medium-size Toy Chest. With just the right balance of size and function, it's a harmonious addition to any child’s room. Personalise it to make it even more special, and watch as it becomes a cherished piece in your home.


Toy Chest UAE: Where practicality meets personalised elegance. Purchase your customisable medium-size Toy Chest today and elevate your child's playtime experience.

Toy Chest - Medium

Lid and Text Colour

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